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Viva El Birdos Community Free Agent Rankings

Get out and vote today. Then go into hiding while you vote on which free agents are best.

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Free agency is officially underway as are the GM Meetings, which means us Cardinals fans are now on #PotentialHighProfileAcquisitionThatConsumesAnUnreasonablePortionOfMyLifeBeforeInevitablyEndingInDisappointmentWatch

As we continue to ponder certain moves that St. Louis should or shouldn’t make, I thought it fitting to gauge where our VEB community stands on various offseason additions. Should the Cardinals’ primary target be Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, or neither? Does Patrick Corbin, Dallas Keuchel, or Yusei Kikuchi make sense as a signing to fortify the starting rotation? Which bullpen pieces should St. Louis pursue?

Much like our 2018 community prospect rankings, the box below will contain two free agents. In parenthesis are average contract estimates between Kiley McDaniel, MLB Trade Rumors, and the median of FanGraphs’ crowdsourcing polls. Your job is to click on whichever free agent you would prefer the Cardinals to sign, upon which point two different free agents will appear. Click away at your heart’s desire...and then keep clicking until the end of time, actually.

You can also access the voting by clicking this link.