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Monday Mailbag: A Viva El Birdos Staff Roundtable

The writers of this Cardinals blog want to answer your questions about the club.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The metaphorical ‘Hot Stove’ of this 2018-19 offseason is still cool at this point. The Yankees landed James Paxton last week, and the Reds inked their young, budding closer Raisel Iglesias to a three-year deal, highlighting the Winter’s transactions thus far.

Here at VEB, we’re all waiting for the Cardinals to make a splash, but we’re left wondering at the same time when that action will occur. We know you have questions and thoughts on what the team may do - because we are also full of ideas for this team.

Please send us what you’re thinking about for this team. You can tweet us [at] VivaElBirdos or simply comment on this post. Who do you think they will sign to bolster the lineup? Who do you think composes the Opening Day rotation? Which free-agent reliever would fit best in St. Louis? Anything you’ve got on your mind, we want to hear it.

We’ll read what you have to say, and you can read what we have to say in a few days.