Fun Couple Days Ahead

Presumably the club will want to protect Helsley, Cabrera, Junior Fernandez, and Lane Thomas. I'd be surprised if they wanted to lose Shrock or Urias as well, but there are only so many spots for MIF on the 40. Junior Fernandez is a candidate for exposure too, but with his stuff, he'd be likely taken.

There are 2 spots on the 40 already - give those to Helsley and Genesis Cabrera. So then you need probably 3 more - Thomas, Shrock/Urias and Junior Fernandez.

Webb and Wisdom are probably easy to waive. Webb is behind Cecil and Shreve and the lefty they are likely to add. He's nice depth and could possibly be resigned. Wisdom is redundant with Carpenter, Gyorko, and Munoz plus a possible CIF addition.

Connor Greene probably is gone - he's nice to dream on, but he's a better fit for somewhere else. He'd really be perfect for the Marlins, I'd think. I wouldn't expect much in return though - an A ball player? Otherwise, cutting him is fine.

Of course, the team plans to be active in FA, so they'll need spots for 2-3 FAs as well. With the two opening, Webb, Wisdom, and Greene, the team can protect 5 for now. They'd have to pick between Shrock and Urias, and they'd have to cut someone before signing anybody. So, they really need to clear more room on the broom.

If you trade Jose Martinez for someone not on the 40, then you need a good prospect and you're really signaling that you will sign a lefty free agent. If you are going to sign a lefty free agent, then do you need Shreve and Cecil? It would be nice to dispose of Cecil's contract. He is owed 7.5 M in 2019 and 7 M in 2020. With inflation, that is about 2 Wiggintons total. It is probably worth eating. Best case scenario is a win from Cecil over the next two years. 6 years of Junior Fernandez is probably worth that, with the potential to be more. Maybe Cecil can be packaged with Jose Martinez for something? Joes Martinez, Cecil + $3M = C+/B- prospect off the 40?

The Red Baron suggested trading Jose Adolis Garcia, and that sounds like a good idea. There are only so many OF spots in AAA/MLB. Memphis looks to have Arozarena, Justin Williams, JAG, and Lane Thomas. Arozarena doesn't need to be on the 40. Clearing one of them would be a good move, especially since Springfield's OF will be full - they will want space to promote someone if they are mashing in AA. The club just traded for Williams, so JAG and Thomas are the likely trade candidates. Not sure what the return is, but they are kind of redundant for the club.

Luke Gregerson is at risk also, as well as Giovanny Gallegos and Mike Mayers. I just don't think they will want to give up the potential upside of Gallegos/Mayers or release too many free agency signees. Still, if they are making changes to the bullpen, they have to come from somewhere. you can't just keep everyone and then add new guys. Remaking this bullpen will be difficult.

Gyorko/Munoz may be redundant as far as positions, but Gyorko is the superior player. Still, if the club wants to keep them, what is the plan for all the MIF? Wong/DeJong are pretty set. that leaves AAA with Sosa, Shrock, Urias, Young, Edman. Someone could play 3B, but then is Mendoza expected to stay at AA all year with Montero right behind him? Is there a point to clearing out Gyorko/Munoz to keep Shrock/Urias other than to get some return?

I guess we'll get the team's position very soon. They have a lot of roster to churn, and hopefully they can use it to fill in some gaps in the minors with some players that may have a chance.