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So are the Victory Blue uniforms returning? - A Hunt and Peck

We find out November 19.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday the Cardinals have teased an announcement. The team Twitter account tweeted that a big announcement was coming soon along with a photo of Hall of Fame Cardinal Ozzie Smith in the middle of doing one of his famous backflips.

Speculation began immediately, focusing on the color of the uniform Ozzie was wearing in the photo. As the theory goes, Ozzie only did backflips at home, wear the team wore white uniforms. This means that the photo had to be intentionally altered to make the uniform blue. Many believe this is evidence that the Cardinals are planning to bring back the powder blue uniforms in some capacity.

Look - I will not pretend to know what it all means and we will not know for sure until November 19...

... but what else could it be?

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