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NLDS Game 2s, ALDS Game 1s - A MLB Playoffs game thread for October 5, 2018

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Four games, one game thread to rule them all.

The MLB playoffs are in full swing with a full slate of games today.

Cleveland and Houston kick things off first with Game 1 of their ALDS starting at 1:05 pm central. This game is broadcast on TBS and is available on

The Rockies and Brewers are next at 3:15 pm central in Game 2 of their NLDS. That game will be broadcast on FS1 and will be available on

The Yankees face the Red Sox today in Game 1 of their ALDS at 6:32 pm central. That game will be on TBS and

Finally, the Braves and Dodgers square off at 8:37 pm central on FS1 and

Talk about them all here if you like!