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Let’s Watch Cardinals Striking Cubs Out

It’s therapeutic.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

So, today the Cubs are playing the Rockies in the Wild Card game. Astute readers will note that neither of those teams are the Cardinals, which is pretty lame, I won’t lie. I don’t have any new and interesting thoughts about the Cardinals’ offseason plans just yet, and I think I covered my retrospective angle pretty well this weekend. If you want a look back at how the 2018 Cardinals were built, and the general operating philosophy of the team, definitely read that.

Now isn’t the time for measured reflection, though. There’s an entire dang offseason still ahead of us- hundreds of days without baseball. There are going to be plenty of articles about the Cardinals’ plans for next year, I promise you. You’ll get sick of all the writing about baseball without actual baseball happening. I’m not doing that today. Instead, I’d like to tell you that the Cubs struck out 136 times against Cardinals pitching this year. More than that, I’d like to show you some of those strikeouts. Here are ten I found aesthetically pleasing:

What’s that? You weren’t sure that Javy Baez strikeout was a swing? Well, neither was he. Look, he’s still arguing:

Will I have more thoughts about the season? You bet. Just not yet. Today I’m watching Cubs flail.