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The worst endings to a Cardinals season - A Hunt and Peck

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This last week was terrible, but it cannot be the worst, can it?

Willie McGee

The Cardinals entered the final week of the season in a playoff position and ended it out of one. This is due to one of the most disastrous final weeks of the season for the Birdos in recent memory. Just to verify, here are the Cardinals records over the final week of the season since 2000:

data via Baseball Reference

That does not even account for playoff odds, which paints an even better picture of just how brutal for Cardinals fans this final week was to watch (those particularly sensitive to disturbing imagery might want to scroll past this):

data via Fangraphs

On the bright side, the team made the second half of the season interesting, which is something many fans were quite doubtful of up to that point (just look at the playoff odds graph again to see why). Perhaps that makes the final week of the season all the more disappointing for some. But at least they got there!

That cannot be said for these teams with the worst endings to a Cardinals season.

#4. 1904 Cardinals: 0-6

Despite Kid Nichols and Jack Taylor racking up 21 and 20 wins, respectively, for the team - good for 7.5 and 5.6 bWAR - this Cardinal team finished fifth in the National League with a record of 75 - 79. They ended their season with six straight losses.

#3. 1990 Cardinals: 0-7

This is by far the worst record by any modern Cardinals team. This team was led by Willie McGee and Ozzie Smith with 4.5 and 3.6 bWAR, respectively, and ended the season with a record of 70-92 for sixth in the NL East, a good 25 games back. Their season ended after losing seven straight.

#2. 1908 Cardinals: 0-8

The 1908 Birdos ended their season losing eight straight games, which seemed about par for the course for a team that ended the season with 49-105 record. The team was led by outfielder Red Murray and pitcher Bugs Raymond, each with 3.8 bWAR. With 105 losses, the team finished eighth in the National League, 50 games back.

#1. 1916 Cardinals: 0-14

While, with a final record of 60-93, not the worst team on this list, this is easily the worst finish of any season. Here is a visual representation of the last 16 games the Cardinals played in 1916:

data via Baseball Reference

It was immediately pretty obvious this team would be a contender for the top spot in this list.

The team was led by a 20-year-old Rogers Hornsby with 4.9 bWAR. The next best player according to bWAR was Lee Meadows with 2.2. The team finished seventh in the National League, 33.5 games out of first.

So... It could have been worse?

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