Seeking 2018 Season Ticket holder partners (either 2x 20 or 1x 40 games)

Greetings, VEB.

My company has Cardinals Season Tickets (Section 150, Row 23, Seats 9 and 10) and is currently seeking 1 or 2 more partners to help split the 81 home games. So far we have signed up 1 partner for 20 games, and we're looking for either 2 more quarter-season (20 game) partners or 1 half-season partner (40 games).

We're using the Cardinals' "" listing tool to facilitate the process. Here's the URL to our listing:

We're not looking to make a profit on our tickets...we just want to find fellow Cardinals fans to share these great seats with, so we're offering the tickets at cost ($70 per ticket) if you agree to buy in for 20 (or 40) games. All partners will automatically get concomitant access to our seats for post-season games, as well.

All the details (including photos from our seats) are there in the listing.

So if you are interested (or just curious) check out the listing and feel free to forward it to anyone you think might be interested in 2 amazing seats for 20 (or 40) home games...