Trade Tyler O'Neill

About a week ago, the Cardinals traded away an outfielder who was limited to power hits and strikeouts. This trade was strategic in order to free up the roster for offseason acquisitions and rising stars, but there is still more to do. When we traded Randal Grichuk, we intended to get rid of a swing-and-miss attitude player and bring up a more controlled prospect in return. One of these prospects is Tyler O'Neill.

Before I start ranting on the possible trade, lets compare O'Neill and Grichuk's stats:


BA .246

OBP .321

OPS .820

HR 31


BA .238

OBP .285

OPS .758

HR 22

Something looks a little fishy here right? Yes, you can argue that Grichuk's stats are worse than O'Neill's but then again, they were at different levels. Although, O'Neill struck out 151 times compared to Randal's 133. I am not open to trading a franchise player to open up space for another player just like him. The essence of a trade is to improve a team, not to continue mediocracy. O'Neill said it himself, earlier declaring that he understands that he will strike out a lot, but he believes that his power will make up for it. I'm sorry Tyler, if your the kind of player we were looking for, we would have kept Grichuk. Tell me your opinion below.