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Cardinals news and notes: Wacha, prospects, and the bullpen

The latest and greatest Cardinals content courtesy of your pals at Viva El Birdos

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, friends. As some of you may know, but as the overwhelming majority probably did not know, Viva El Birdos celebrated a birthday yesterday, when our very own Heather Simon, a.k.a. lil_scooter93, a.k.a. the person with whom I host the Viva El Birdos Podcast mostly as an excuse to hang out with her Very Good Dog (pictured here), turned 25 years old. She can rent a car now!

Last year, in order to make her feel old for turning 24 (I, a person older than Heather, am relentlessly unsympathetic in matters where I absolutely should be), I dedicated a News and Notes post to creating a roster of MLB players who are younger than she is. And because I remain a generally unpleasant and rude person, I have decided to do it again. If you don’t care about what is essentially an MLB Under-25 team and just want the links, they are listed below. This roster was comprised with help from the Baseball Reference Play Index, a service I’d highly recommend subscribing to if not for the fact that mastering its searches renders my job here obsolete. But they deserve the money so please subscribe and never use it. Players are chosen by career Wins Above Replacement to this point.

Catcher: Jorge Alfaro (born June 11, 1993—0.5 WAR)

First Base: Cody Bellinger (born July 13, 1995—4.2 WAR)

Second Base: Rougned Odor (born February 3, 1994—4.2 WAR)

Shortstop: Carlos Correa (born September 22, 1994—16.3 WAR)

Third Base: Alex Bregman (born March 30, 1994—5.8 WAR)

Left Field: Michael Conforto (born March 1, 1993—6.0 WAR)

Center Field: Byron Buxton (born December 18, 1993—7.2 WAR)

Right Field: Max Kepler (born February 10, 1993—4.4 WAR)

Catcher/Left Field: Kyle Schwarber (born March 5, 1993—1.1 WAR)

Shortstop: Francisco Lindor (born November 14, 1993—15.8 WAR)

Shortstop/Third Base: Corey Seager (born April 27, 1994—13.5 WAR)

Shortstop/Center Field/Second Base: Trea Turner (born June 30, 1993—6.4 WAR)

Third Base/Right Field: Miguel Sano (born May 11, 1993—5.4 WAR)

Starting Pitcher: Michael Fulmer (born March 15, 1993—8.4 WAR)

Starting Pitcher: Luis Severino (born February 20, 1994—6.9 WAR)

Starting Pitcher: Aaron Nola (born June 4, 1993—6.3 WAR)

Starting Pitcher: Zach Davies (born February 7, 1993—5.8 WAR)

Starting Pitcher: Lance McCullers (born October 2, 1993—5.0 WAR)

Closer: Roberto Osuna (born February 7, 1995—5.3 WAR)

Relief Pitcher: Keone Kela (born April 16, 1993—2.6 WAR)

Relief Pitcher: Edwin Diaz (born March 22, 1994—2.3 WAR)

Pitcher: Eduardo Rodriguez (born April 7, 1993—4.7 WAR)

Pitcher: Joe Ross (born May 21, 1993—4.4 WAR)

Pitcher: Brandon Finnegan (born April 14, 1993—3.1 WAR)

Well there it is, folks. Yes, I put like a billion shortstops (yet managed to exclude Addison Russell) and counted Kyle Schwarber as a catcher (most “here’s how the Cubs can acquire Mike Trout” scenarios I’ve seen from Cubs fans are based on the premise that Schwarber is ready to be a full-time catcher, so whatever) and arbitrarily decided on a number of relievers but there it is. Here’s the links to actual baseball content from over the weekend.

  • Here’s a post about injury-prone Cardinals starting pitcher Michael Wacha—OR IS IT? Pegasus wrote about whether or not Wacha is actually injury-prone.
  • Check out Aaron Schafer’s write-up of Cardinals pseudo-prospect Jacob Patterson if you like detailed analysis of Cardinals prospects and/or creepy pitchers of Fredbird.
  • Speaking of Aaron, he also wrote about new Cardinals acquisition Conner Greene, the prospect included in Friday’s Randal Grichuk and Dominic Leone trade with the Toronto Blue Jays, as well as writing about the bullpen.