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Cardinals news and notes: Helsley, arbitration, and the bullpen

Viva El BlogpostsovertheweekendaboutCardinalsthings

St. Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds
None of these posts were about Tommy Pham. I just like him is all.
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Here’s what you may have missed over the weekend if you were too busy at Winter Warm Up or, like, I don’t know, not being constantly online.

  • Do you know much about St. Louis Cardinals prospect Ryan Helsley? If you don’t, you should check out this interview Craig Edwards conducted with him. If you do, you should read it anyway and snobbishly think to yourself that Craig could’ve asked better questions. Whatever, just give us page clicks please. We need these. We live for them.
  • Okay, okay, well do you know much about Wadye Infante? I literally didn’t know about his existence until this weekend (don’t @ me on this matter), but an Infante-centric version of Aaron Schafer’s analysis of him went up this weekend, so that’s a worthy read.
  • Because free agency isn’t really, um, happening at the moment, the baseball transaction news at this point is primarily centered around arbitration agreements. And while this isn’t super exciting stuff, it does impact the Cardinals’ payroll. Craig Edwards updated the Cardinals’ payroll matrix over the weekend.
  • Aaron Schafer wrote about the bullpen and the relative inaction surrounding acquiring more talent for the bullpen so far in the offseason.

Something might happen this week. I say this every week but it becomes more likely every week. Anyway, we’ll be here.