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Cards News and Notes: Jose Martinez, Lance, Sox scandal, playoffs, DeJong, Nicasio

Yesterday’s VEB

Milwaukee Brewers v St Louis Cardinals - Game One Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images

So What Should We Think of Jose Martinez?: The Red Baron on Jose Martinez’s season and the adjustments he’s made.

Lance Lynn vs. The Field: Ben Godar makes the case that Lance Lynn isn’t special relative to the upcoming free agent market.

The Red Sox were caught cheating and the memes are rich: Your daily Hunt and Peck centers on just another case of a Boston sports team caught cheating.

Florida State League Playoffs Begin: your daily farm report

Paul DeJong for Rookie of the Year?: Audrey makes Paul DeJong’s case for Rookie of the Year.

Cardinals trade for Juan Nicasio: A minor and unusual move since the Nicasio is a free agent at the end of the year and also won’t be eligible for the playoffs since he was acquired after September 1st. Still, if the Cards like him then getting him in the organization now could give the team a leg up on signing him this winter. Craig also chronicles the strange trip Nicasio took to the Birds.