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Cardinals putting nicknames on jerseys

Seung Hwan Oh’s is the best

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Kansas City Royals
Why no Sexy Dexy?
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

You might remember an announcement from June where the players were going to get to put nicknames on the back of their jerseys. At the time, lil_scooter ran down some possible nicknames. Today, those jerseys and the nicknames have been revealed. The jersey is a decent-looking navy with red sleeves. They didn’t try to do anything crazy with the front and Birds on the Bat look good like they always do. The striped collar is a nice touch as well, recalling the jerseys of the 80s. The hat is pretty standard, and most of the nicknames are about what you would expect.

Oh being able to use his native language is probably the highlight here. It’s a real shame Grichuk used Grich instead of I AM RANDAL. Carlos Martinez using Tsunami is obvious as it is in the name of charitable arm even if our preferred nickname is El Gallo.

There is also Dexter Fowler’s missed opportunity.

Stephen Piscotty is honoring his mother, which is a very nice gesture, although he is not currently on the active roster. Not featured in the picture above are Mike Leake, Tyler Lyons, John Brebbia, Sam Tuivailala, and Luke Voit.

The Cardinals will wear the jerseys the weekend of August 25th as well as their special Little League game on August 20th.

So, what are everyone’s thoughts on the jerseys and nicknames? Did anybody miss out an opportunity? Worried that Chris Carpenter will release his rage on Matt Carpenter? Favorites?