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Matt Carpenter is back at third base - A Hunt and Peck

Who's on third? I Don't Know is.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

With Jedd Gyorko out of commission for the time being with a hamstring strain, the Cardinals find themselves in need of a third baseman. Fortunately for the team, there are a few options. One they have explored already is sliding in utility infielder Greg Garcia to the cornerstone in a straight-up swap out while Gyorko is on the disabled list. What is important to note is that to replace Gyorko on the roster, the Cardinals called up first baseman Luke Voit. This is an interesting move in that it creates a second option for the Cardinals, one they tried with some success Tuesday night. With Luke Voit on the roster, the Cardinals are able to play him at first and slide Matt Carpenter over to third base. While this is something the team seemed reluctant to do in the past, as season draws closer to an end and the Division and Wild Card races get tighter, it appears that with the raised stakes, the Cardinals have also raised their willingness to move players around, at least until the rosters expand on Friday.

Good. Good.

Cards turn to Carpenter at third as Gyorko hits the DL | St. Louis Cardinals |

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