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Cards News and Notes: fandom, trades, Tommy Pham, heartbreak

Yesterday’s VEB

St Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Here’s everything you missed yesterday at VEB:

30 years ago today, I became a Cardinals fan: Ben Godar with a wonderful story about the first Cardinals game he attended, cementing his fandom. My father went a play-off game that year, the only home playoff game they lost in that particular postseason. My mother and he went to an ‘82 game together, but she couldn’t make it in ‘87 because she was pregnant with me.

A Tale of Two Trades (and One Signing): The Red Baron on the lessons learned from some transactions over the winter.

tommy pham is the cardinals' best player: Your daily Hunt and Peck centers on the attention Tommy Pham is finally starting to get.

Red Sox destroy hope, kick puppies in Cardinals 5-4 walkoff loss: Man, this was a tough one. As usual, the post-game recap is great, even if the game’s end result wasn’t.