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8.12.16 Recap: Cards Will Never Lose Again

They won't, seriously.

What's up corncobs? This recap is coming to you live from Busch Stadium, on VEB Day 2017!

The first inning was not great. Carlos Martinez struggled, giving up a bunch of dumb ground ball sin7gles and there was an error somewhere. I was getting my hot dog at the time. When I came back it was 2-0, so not a great start.

Not to worry, we got one back in the bottom of the inning. Matt Carpenter had a little excuse me check swing that, after a throwing error to first, landed him at second base. For some real stupid reason, Tommy Pham bunted him over. Paul DeJong drew a walk, and Dexter Fowler had a base hit to score Carpenter, bringing the score to 2-1.

By the way, the weather was DELIGHTFUL.

Then, in the second inning, Randal Grichuk hit a home run! I called it about 45 seconds before it happened and that was very cool! 2-2 tie, brand new ball game!

More good stuff in the fourths.  Wong was hit by a pitch and Grichuk hit a bloop double to bring it to runners on second and third, no one out. Cue Greg Garcia. Ground out, but he scored Wong. 3-2 cardinals! Then noted hitter El Gallo got a base hit to score grichuk! Yea! That's not all! Carpenter was hit by a pitch and pham singled and suddenly it was 5-2!

Could this happen? Could we actually win eight in a row? I don't know! I'm still waiting to find out!

Brandon Phillips hit a home run. This was after Gabe told me to bench him in my fantasy league. Super lame. Luckily it was a solo shot. Still 5-3 and we continue.

Some more things happened, nachos were spilled, rings were worn, Dejong hit a solo home run. Then it was 6-3.

Tyler Lyons... SPLOOSH

Trevor Rosenthal, not great but it was fine because in the end, we won 6-5. Hooray!

Oh yeah, and also the Cubs lost! So we're tied for first place! WHAT