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Cardinals news and notes: Molina, Martinez, Mets

As well as a bunch of other words that do not begin with the letter “M”

NLCS Game 7: St. Louis Cardinals v New York Mets
Daily post yesterday was about Molina. They’re playing the Mets. What did you expect?
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Did you know there are only two more games remaining for the St. Louis Cardinals before the All-Star Break? You did? It’s an extremely well-known fact? Well, that was my entire intro premise so, well, spend five minutes quietly contemplating about whatever you want before continuing just to buy me some time here. Sound good? Probably not, but it sounds good to me.

Anyway, here’s the VEB posts from yesterday.

  • I wrote about Yadier Molina, a player I initially thought was an absurd selection for the All-Star Game, and how upon examining him from perspectives other than “how he’s been in 2017”, it is a more defensible choice, even if I’m not totally sold on it.
  • This is going to shock you, so please: take a seat. The little scooter wrote about Carlos Martinez for Viva El Birdos dot com. Here it is.
  • Before starting a three-game set against the Ny Mets, the favorite baseball squadron of Queens, the Cardinals activated Dexter Fowler from the 10-day Disabled List, and in turn, Jose Martinez was demoted to AAA Memphis. Craig Edwards recapped this and the starting rosters. Earlier in the day, Craig examined the undeniable fact that the Cardinals should destroy the New York Mets. As for the actual baseball match on Friday night, it was recapped by Jon Snowzeliak.