Josh Donaldson

The rumor mill is starting to churn a bit about a possible Donaldson to the Cards trade.

I guess the questions are:

1) Does this move the needle enough?

2) What would it take?

1---Jedd Gyorko has been one of our best players this year. Not only has his offense been about as good as anyone's (aside Phrom Pham??), his defense has been very strong. So, does a player like Donaldson really move the needle from "sort of contender" to "actual contender"? Also, Jedd is about 3-4 years younger. Might he just be becoming Josh Donaldson as a player? Jedd needs to stay in the lineup. Where does he go with a Donaldson trade?

2---I would think that the Blue Jays will expect a sizable return. For the Cards, I would imagine a Carson Kelly, Delvin Perez, and Zac Gallen trio would be a potential package. That is Two (theoretical) top 100 prospects and a guy that is having a fantastic year in Gallen.

I actually am more hung up on #1 then #2. If that were the trade package, I would say it's reasonably fair. However, I don't know if Donaldson makes this team all that much better now or in the near future than Jedd Gyorko.