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Cardinals news and notes: Non-All-Star Cardinals, Marlins

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The best Cardinals to never make an All-Star Game (plus news and notes)

Todd Zeile...

The All-Star game is next week in Miami and the Cardinals will be represented by Carlos Martinez and Yadier Molina. Martinez has now been elected to two All-Star Games (2015) and Molina, of course, has participated in a lot more than that.

But today I wanted to recognize Cardinals who played dutifully while wearing the Birds on the Bat but were never rewarded with the All-Star honor while in St. Louis. This is a job for the Play Index, and here are the results going back to 1933 when the All-Star Game was first played:


Highest WAR (Baseball-Reference model) accumulated with the Cardinals without making an All-Star Game: Solly Hemus - 21.6

Most plate appearances: Dal Maxvill - 3,492

Hits: Todd Zeile - 719

Doubles: Todd Zeile - 149

Triples: Solly Hemus - 33

Home runs: Todd Zeile - 75

Runs scored: Solly Hemus - 374

Runs batted in: Todd Zeile - 374

Walks: Jose Oquendo - 414

Stolen bases: Tony Scott - 87

Batting average (min: 1,000 PAs): Spud Davis - .296

On-base percentage (min: 1,000 PAs): Tommy Glaviano - .393

Slugging percentage (min: 1,000 PAs): Fernando Tatis - .525

OPS+ (min: 1,000 PAs): Fernando Tatis - 130


Highest WAR (Baseball Reference model): Al Brazle - 21.8

Innings pitched: Bob Forsch - 2,658.2

Wins: Bob Forsch - 163

Strikeouts: Bob Forsch - 1,079

ERA (min: 500 IP): John Tudor - 2.52

FIP (min: 500 IP): Harry Gumbert - 3.10

ERA+ (min: 500 IP): John Tudor - 146

Fair to say I’m shocked that John Tudor never made an All-Star game. He was probably the best pitcher in baseball not named Dwight Gooden in 1985.

And Todd Zeile’s career with the Cardinals looks better in this light than he’s often given credit. Zeile played for 16 seasons, hit over 250 home runs and never made an All-Star game after he left St. Louis either. Tony Phillips probably had the best career in baseball having never made an All-Star game, but Zeile ranks in the top five in hits, runs scored, and runs batted in. His 253 career home runs rank ninth all-time for players to never make an All-Star game with Tim Salmon leading the pack at 299.

Not bad.

Most of us had work off yesterday for the Fourth of July, and it was therefore a slow day at VEB but here’s what you may have missed:

That should do it, enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.