I was holding out hope that the Cardinals would have a late-breaking trade, but it is now an hour pas the deadline and it looks like the Cardinals have decided to stand pat. I know some of the trades we saw were not that spectacular, but the Cards needed to at least do something. Oh is not going to be around next year and even a marginal prospect would have been better than nothing. Most reports are indicating that the Cardinals are not going to offer Lance Lynn the qualifying offer, and it doesn't seem like they are engaging in contract discussions either so my question is, What is he still doing on this team? The Cardinals did not buy so it does not seem like they're intent on making a playoff push, and they did not sell so are they just content on letting him leave for nothing? I know Lynn wants to stay and he loves the Cardinals but where is he going to fit on this team? Waino and Carlos are still going to be here next year, so is Leake barring an unforeseen trade, and you have Reyes, Flaherty, Hudson, and Weaver knocking on the door. Unless you trade Wacha and one of the guys in the minors then what are you doing? I loved the deal to ship Marco Gonzales out of here, but we are still the same team with the same batch of number 2 and 6 hitters, with great starting pitching and a shaky at best bullpen. I know there is still August and the offseason to go, but it is disappointing to have all this buildup and see the Front Office do nothing. This really is a deviation from the Cardinals we are used to. I love Lance Lynn and would love to see him stay, but I don't see where he fits. Plus I thought he would be amenable to a return even if he was traded. Now I just want to see the Cards lock him up and make some bigger moves in the offseason. This mainly is just me venting but I was hopeful the Cards would do something, but I guess they really are believers in this team even if most indications are that this is not a playoff contender. Lets see what this aggressively mediocre team has left down the stretch. I really hope they prove me wrong.