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The Cardinals scored a lot of runs and won the baseball game - A Recap from July 3, 2017

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MLB: Miami Marlins at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Not really sure how to write this, folks. See, I have recapped seven games this year. The Cardinals to this point had won two of those. I recapped three losses in a row:

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Luckily I was able to maintain my upbeat attitude throughout the losing skid.

But hey - tonight they actually won for me! I get to recap a winner. Wow.

So... where to begin?

Let us start with Adam Wainwright. Here is the thing: Waino looked fantastic for the first four innings of the game. He had allowed no runs, two hits, and struck out seven. He threw some of his best curveballs all year. He was locating his pitches. I was settled in for a vintage Waino CGSO.

Then the fifth happened. Curse you, fifth inning. Why? Everything was so fun. Back-to-back-to-back-to-back singles started off the inning, but then Adam was able to get Dee Gordan and Giancarlo Stanton to fly out and strike out, respectively and it seemed like he would escape with minimal damage. Then Christian Yelich walked and Marcell Ozuna had to hit a double followed by a Justin Bour double and BOOM - five runs had been scored.

So that stunk, but everything else was pretty much awesome. I will not extrapolate too much on how the Cardinals scored all their runs because that would take forever and quite frankly I do not want to, so instead we will just turn out attention to some standouts.

Tommy Pham Bam-Thank-You-Ma’am

Tommy Pham has always had hold of a small piece of my heart and darn if he does not have a tight grasp on it now. Pham went three for three this game with two walks, two runs scored, and two RBI. His first inning triple kicked off the scoring for the Birdos in an inning that saw four Cardinal runners cross home.

Luke Voit (I got nothin’)

Hometown boy Luke Voit hit his first big league home run to deep centerfield. I do not think a player from Lafayette high school has ever hit a homerun there, but I need to check. That happened in the eighth inning and put the Cardinals up fourteen runs to six.

The third inning

The Cardinals put up seven runs in the third inning. It just seemed like every ball in play went for a hit. Two doubles were hit in this inning in question, which helped propel the offense, of course.


The Cardinals went eight for fifteen with runners in scoring position. Seems pretty good.

lil scooter’s lil player of the game:

Tommy Pham receives his first ever LSLPOTG award! His .159 WPA tonight led all players!

this thing

Tomorrow for the Fourth of July, Lance Lynn will face off against Jose Ureña at 1:15pm.