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Cardinals news and notes: Lynn, fatigue, and the Diamondbacks

The news and notes

MLB: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the weekend, baby. You know what that means. Time to write precisely one news and notes post and root for the Cardinals to score 9 to 11 runs.

Yes, I’m writing this post before the game starts. The magic of Internet!

  • I wrote about one of my weirdly favorite St. Louis Cardinals of all-time, potential trade deadline departure Lance Lynn. My first Cardinals shirsey, during the MV3’s peak, was a Larry Walker. I am a man of unusual taste.
  • In the Daily Farm Report, Josey Curtis wrote about happenings in the Cardinals minor leagues, including a rehab assignment for Stephen Piscotty.
  • Tyler Kinzy analyzed the Cardinals bullpen and how its (over)usage is impacting the performance of the pitchers.
  • Speaking of players being overused—you know that thing where Yadier Molina plays a lot of games? Well, Carson Kelly started on Thursday, and following some comments from manager Mike Matheny suggesting that Molina looked tired, the veteran catcher took to Instagram to take issue with the comments. Resident stalker of player social media The Little Underscore Scooter Ninety-Three recapped what happened.
  • The Cardinals played the Arizona Diamondbacks. The final score was 1-0 Good Guys, and it was recapped by the aforementioned LS93.