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Cardinals news and notes: Cubs, Tyler O’Neill, and the bullpen

A lot of things happened at Viva El Birdos and here is a recap of them

St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
The Chicago Cubs are owned by Tom Ricketts. Kyle Schwarber is owned by Carson Kelly.
Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

So, I didn’t watch yesterday’s game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs because I was at work. Wrigley Friday day games are an abomination and if I had grown up in otherwise neutral Chicago territory, this might be enough to have pivoted me towards the White Sox, etc.—but this is a gripe for another day.

But the Cardinals did win their game (more on that in a little bit) and in the eighth inning of their game, they scored nine runs. I’m actually watching that inning as I write this. Frankly, it sounds hilarious (update: the top of the eighth is now over and it was as hilarious as I anticipated). But nine run innings seemed pretty rare so I decided to research for other times the Cardinals scored nine runs in an inning. It turns out they scored nine runs against the Chicago Cubs. In the eighth inning. Less than three years ago.

You see, this is from back when the Cubs were bad. Not “had a bad inning”, not “had a disappointing first half and aren’t in first place”, but were actually quite bad at baseball. This Cubs team went 73-89, finishing in last place in the NL Central.

I probably watched this game. It was on a Saturday night and my entire social life for 6-7 months of the year revolves around baseball. But I don’t remember it specifically, so for those of you who also don’t remember anything about it, here are some fun details:

  • One player in the Cubs starting lineup, Javier Baez, is currently on the Chicago Cubs. While current Cub Jon Jay was a frequent starting center fielder for the 2014 Cardinals, that night’s starter was Peter Bourjos.
  • The Cardinals’ starting pitcher that night made news yesterday: Marco Gonzales. More on that in a bit.
  • Easily the most important play in the game by leverage took place in the fifth inning, when Matt Holliday drove in Matt Carpenter, Daniel Descalso, and himself on a three-run home run. Holliday later batted twice in the 8th, leading off the festivities with a second home run and then getting hit by a pitch, which presumably caused great injury to the baseball.

That’s all the fun I have for this. As always, God bless Baseball Reference. Here’s the stuff from yesterday.

  • I wrote about the Cardinals bullpen and how they’re better than you think. I mean, things could be worse. For instance, they could be the Cubs bullpen.
  • Unsurprisingly, Cardinals/Cubs was tabbed for Sunday Night Baseball. ESPN’s Aaron Boone sat down with Craig Edwards to preview the series and discuss some of the key players on the Cardinals.
  • Speaking of Craig, he wrote about how the Cardinals should destroy the Cubs. Nailed it.
  • Josey Curtis published the Daily Farm Report, which included coverage of the big minor league promotions of the day, with Carson Kelly promoted and Zach Duke and Randal Grichuk back from rehab assignments.
  • I’ve never seen an episode of Game of Thrones but for those of you who might understand what seem to be basic references to it, perhaps the Little Scooter’s post about Adam Wainwright sitting on a throne might entertain you.
  • The Cardinals made a trade with the Seattle Mariners, sending the aforementioned Marco Gonzales away for Tyler O’Neill, a player who, in my extremely under-educated opinion, sounds extremely good. Craig Edwards wrote the initial post regarding the trade, and subsequent analyses were posted by Audrey Stark and the red baron.
  • As has been established repeatedly, the Cardinals destroyed the Cubs. Jon Snowzeliak recapped it.

That’s it for now. The Cardinals play at 3:05 at Wrigley. That could be fun. It could also be horrible and terrible. Impossible to know for sure!