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Cardinals News and Notes: Fowler in center, Bader in minors, and Wacha’s gem

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Getting you all caught up

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Michael Wacha threw a complete game shutout, the first of his career. It was awesome even if it does raise some concerns about preserving Wacha’s arm. Lance Brozdowski tells you all about the win.

So Dexter Fowler signed with the Cardinals to play center field. How long will it last? How long should it last? John Fleming weighs in.

Carlos Beltran and the Astros had a funeral service for his glove because he never gets to use it anymore. That and other links from around the game.

We are looking for writers at VEB. Interested?

let Ebo give you some updates on Cardinals minor leaguers.

Last night’s game thread.