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Despite their best efforts, the Cardinals won the baseball game - A Recap from July 17, 2017

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Sometimes it was ugly, but they still won!

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so the headline of this recap. I am just going to get right to it. There were some unpleasant moments of this baseball game. Before we even discuss how the Cardinals won, let's just get this part out of the way.

The Mets plated two of their three total runs in the sixth inning. So yeah, that happens. Not that bad. But... how do I explain it? Here - just watch:


The the next batter this happened:

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha it was soooooo ugly.

Anyway Adam Wainwright was able to limit the damage with just the one run scored and the Cardinals were up six runs to three. The Mets scored the other two runs off solo homers by Michael Conforto and Lucas Duda.

The Cardinals scored all their runs in the sixth inning. Yadier Molina got the scoring started with an infield single and scored on a Paul DeJong home run. Adam Wainwright helped his own cause with a double to score Magnerius Serria from first base. Matt Carpenter followed Waino with a walk, then Tommy Pham homered them all in.

And that is the scoring.

Waino pitched okay in this game. He pitched five and one-third innings with three strikeouts, nine groundball outs, two flyball outs, and two walks to go along with the two earned runs. The bullpen finished up the game without allowing a run. Brett Cecil recorded his first save of the season and the Cardinals won!

lil scooter's lil player of the game:

Tommy Pham received this award for the second game in a row. He went two for three with one run scored, three runs batted in, and two walks.

Tomorrow the series continues at 6:10 pm CST when Michael Wacha takes on Rafael Montero.