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Cards News and Notes: Trades, Waino, new podcast, hair, all-stars

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Yesterday’s VEB

88th MLB All-Star Game Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Here’s everything you missed yesterday at VEB:

Viva El Birdos Podcast: Episode 89: John and Heather discuss the All-Stars, as well as Luke Voit, Paul DeJong, and enjoy some trivia.

Just One Move: The Red Baron picks the one move he wished he could make the most at the deadline.he wished he c

Who is the real Adam Wainwright?: Ben Godar on the two different Adam Wainwrights this season.

DFR: Minor League All-Star Break Edition: Your daily Farm Report, All-Star style

carlos and yadi owned at the all star game: Your daily Hunt and Peck centers on the Cards’ two representatives in the All-Star Break.

How Carlos Martinez’s hair affects his pitching: John analyzes Carlos’ hair styles, to see how it affects his results on the mound.