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Cardinals news and notes: Scooter, Matheny, Donaldson

Scooter Gennett pulls a Whiten (plus news and notes)


You likely know by now that Scooter Gennett hit four home runs against the Cardinals last night to headline a beginning-to-end 13-1 thrashing (game recap not for the faint of heart here). It was quite possibly the greatest offensive game anyone has ever had. When a monumental feat like this occurs, I like to look in our own treasure chest of comparable moments and as Cardinals fans we don’t have to look back all that far. Same two teams even!

September 7, 1993, Mark Whiten hit four home runs (with 12 RBI) against the Reds at old Riverfront Stadium - by my estimation, a feat only rivaled in unbelievability by Fernando Tatis’s two grand slams in one inning. You’ve probably seen it before but let’s watch it again:

Good stuff. And congrats Scooter, that performance somehow made the atrocious loss oddly bearable.

Here’s what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

That should do it. Have a good Wednesday, everyone. Maybe the Cardinals can find a way to have a good day, too.