May Highlight Video

Hello again,

Last month I continued my Cardinals highlight video series with an April edition that received positive feedback, so I am returning for the month of May.

In 26 games the Birdos went 13-13 with a +5 run differential. May was headlined by the goodness of Tommy Pham, Magneuris Sierra, and many starting pitching performances that were wasted because the Cardinals couldn't score any runs.

This is the first time I've assembled a highlight video in (almost entirely) chronological order so let me know if you prefer this video format or one more like the aforementioned April video.

For those wondering the song is Feeling Good by Michael Buble. If you have any song requests for future videos I would love to hear them.

Okay, I'll shut up now and just show you the video.

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Go Cards!

P.S. Please start doing better, Cardinals, otherwise the June video is going to be awful.