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Welp. The Cardinals lost again. - A Recap from June 5, 2017

Not great, Bob

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds
hey. this guy. right? he is still fun, right? [cries]
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Oh my.

Here. Let’s list some of the good things that happened that game.

  1. Yadier Molina throwing out Billy Hamilton stealing
  2. The strike-him-out-throw-him-out double play in the second inning
  3. Paul DeJong’s diving stop and assist
  4. The top of the fifth inning
  5. The fleeting feeling of hope when Carlos Martínez struck out Adam Duvall with the bases loaded and no outs in the bottom of the seventh inning

Looking at this list, one probably would not realize the game turned out as ugly as it did, but for the past four games the Cardinals have specialized in finding new and creative ways to pull out a defeat from the clutches of victory. To extrapolate on this, we need to turn our attention back to item number five in the list.

Here is the game. I will recap no more, because nothing else really matters. Carlos was cruising into the seventh inning. Then a Billy Hamilton bunt single because of course. Then a Zach Cozart groundball single. Then, to round out all the most likely baseball outcomes in one inning, a Joey Votto walk to load the bases, followed by an Adam Duvall strikeout. Did you feel that? It is called "hope" and it exists so that the inevitable heat wave of despair hits in the most soul-crushing way possible, you sweet, sweet fool. Carlos was only a double play away from escape. Then Eugenio Suarez doubled to score two, tie the game, and ruin everything. Kevin Siegrist came in because it is not a true Cardinals loss unless the bullpen allows some inherited runners to score. Scooter Gennett doubled in two more runs and the Cardinals were toast.

The rest of the game was lovely. Until it was not. And that is the story of the Cardinals season.

here is this thing for all you masochists out there

Source: FanGraphs

a depressing statistic

tootblan count:


DeJong was thrown out at home in the top of the fifth

Stephen Piscotty was thrown out at third in the top of the sixth

Tuesday Adam Wainwright hopes to continue his winning ways (please, for the love of everything good) at 6:10p.m. Opposing him is Tim Adleman.