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St Louis Gets Going Late, Beats Arizona 10-4

The offense is all fixed, you guys

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Arizona Diamondbacks
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


Matt Carpenter - 1B

Randal Grichuk - CF

Stephen Piscotty - RF

Jedd Gyorko - 3B

Jose Martinez - LF

Paul DeJong - SS

Alex Mejia - 2B

Eric Fryer - C

Lance Lynn - RHP

A few weeks back, I suggested that the Cardinals should switch their Memphis and St Louis lineups for fun. I’m beginning to think this might actually be the guiding organizational philosophy of the moment. Anyway, welcome Alex Mejia!

That right there is a face of a man who worries he is in dangerously above his head. Or maybe he’s just a guy who kinda seems like he left the oven on all the time.

First inning notes: Stephen Piscotty made what at first appeared to be a OMG WTF BBQ sprawling catch of a liner by Paul Goldschmidt...but later turned out that to be only a 3-star, 55% probability catch according to Statcast. Still impressive - just not as impressive as it seemed on catching the end of the play.

Second inning notes: The Diamondbacks are still pitching to Jedd Gyorko, having not yet realized that the potent Martinez/DeJong/Mejia trifecta following him in the batting order is not exactly Murderer’s Row. Gyorko doubled, but is followed by three quick outs.

Third inning notes: After allowing a double to Ketel Marte (his first major league hit of the year), Lynn got dangerously close to succumbing to Walk the Pitcher Syndrome before instead giving up an RBI double to leadoff hitter Gregor Blanco, which seems sub-optimal as well, but at least the damage ended there. Diamondbacks lead 1-0.

Fourth inning notes: Cardinals get on the board! A string of 5 Cardinals reaching base from Grichuk through DeJong (1B, 4 pitch BB, 1B, 1B, 1B) is ground to a halt by the offensive wet blanket that is the Mejia-Fryer-Lynn 7-8-9. When Mejia came to the plate, the bases were loaded and there were no outs.

/rubs lamp

Tom Tango, what is the run expectancy there?

/Tom Tango materializes from lamp

The run expectancy there from 2010-2015 was 2.292. Also, can you please stop stuffing me in this lamp? It’s rather uncomfo-


So while the Cardinals getting ZERO runs there was underwhelming, they at least took the lead. Until Paul Goldschmidt hit a solo home run in the bottom of the inning. Tie game 2-2.

Fifth inning notes: It was quick. Moving on.

Sixth inning notes: After a leadoff triple to Gregor Blanco, the Diamondbacks would go back on top with an RBI forceout by Jake Lamb.

Seventh inning notes: Mejia comes out for Greg Garcia, who grounds out. But with 2 outs, the Cardinals started a rally. Luke Voit doubled, Matt Carpenter was intentionally walked, and the Randal Grichuk put a 421 foot home run in the left field seats. Excuse me, Randal Grichuk hit a TWO STRIKE SLIDER DOWN IN THE ZONE for a 421 home run to the left field seats. What exactly did they do to him in Memphis? Cardinals up 5-3.

Eighth inning notes: Cardinals win a challenge involving Paul Goldschmidt just sort of waving his glove at Jose Martinez rather than tagging him. This sets off a run of offensive fireworks: Garcia would single and Fryer would walk (surprisingly, his 9th BB of the year) to load the bases for Tommy Effing Pham, who dropped a 2 run single in. Pham would take an aggressive turn at first and be forced to backtrack while slipping on the dirt, but made it back safely (the Baseball Gods of Crushingly Disappointing Baserunning apparently did not need an offering today). Grichuk would tack on his 4th and 5th RBIs of the game with a single to left. Piscotty would put a ball in nearly the same location to score Grichuk. Cardinals bat around, increase their lead to 10-3.

In the bottom half, the Cardinals use this golden opportunity to give Mike Mayers a test run bring in Tyler Lyons for the second time in 2 days. Lyons would get an easy 1-2-3.

Ninth inning notes: A succession of stubbly, brown-haired, 6’0”ish, 200ish pound white guys fail to produce any notable results in the top half. Oh hey, there is Mike Mayers! Anyway, Mayers would give up a solo blast to Jake Lamb. Mayers has now given up 4 home runs in less than 6 ML innings pitched. A double, and then an all-but-home-run flyout would follow, but Mayers would finish things off with a strikeout. Cardinals win 10-4.

Nationals visit St Louis tomorrow at 7:15 pm.