The Only Statistic that matters

This may sound rather incredible but Team Wins are the only statistic that get you a world-series ring.

Funny, isn't it?

I recall counting saves and pitching records religiously. But I think the time has come to eliminate them from our lexicon.

Baseball is a TEAM sport. Sure the pitchers are half the success- or failure.

Yet, in no other mainline sport, does one man get credited with a "victory".

If that were true, why not give Jack Allen a "win" everytime the Blues win? Or better yet, award the win to the guy who scores the most goals- or threw the best punch. Or to the play that "turned it around"? Can you imagine?

Other sports don't award individual wins because it's a team sport And a team win is a team win. Awarding individuals wins or saves leads to too much egoism and statistic pocketing, all very useful for financial negotiations, but counter-productive to team building- and managing.

And that's exactly what's happening to My Redbirds.

If an individiual statistic is given primacy over "what's best for the team", then the manager must placate 25 different personalities, rather than truly manage the game. Isn't it crazy to fear a statistic, rather than fear losing the game?

In St Louis, especially, wins and saves have made managing a much harder job than it needs to be. It's hard enough coaching players without also having have to manage statistics.

That's not what coaching's about.

In football, soccor, hockey, lacrosse, basketball....even bowling, it is a team victory.

It's time for pitching wins and saves to be eliminated from The MLB vocabulary, less we manage out of fear of offending rather than the desire for winning. Even if that means taking a picture out in the forth inning. Because last time I checked, the only statistic that wins world series rings are team victories.