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6.24.17 Recap: Cards Drop Third Straight to Pirates

Lance Lynn wasn't good, and the hitters were largely lifeless until it was too late. Pirates come away with the victory, 7-3.

It was a tough day for my old friend Lance Lynn.
It was a tough day for my old friend Lance Lynn.
Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Well, if you read the title, then you already know the bad news.  So let's talk about the good news, shall we?

In the bottom of the first inning, Matt Carpenter hit a no-doubter, screaming line drive out of the park to tie the game at one run apiece.








Oh, you were expecting something more?  Hmm.  Sam Tuivailala pitched scoreless eighth and ninth innings, while striking out three batters.  Carrying 13 pitchers is really coming in handy!

Let's see, what else?  The Cardinals mounted a mini-comeback in the bottom of the ninth inning that looked promising.  Jose Martinez led off the inning with a walk, and Paul DeJong followed with a base hit that he attempted to stretch into a double.  [Here is where I would normally lament the godawful base running we've seen thus far this season, but because I'm only writing good news in this recap, I will refrain.]  He was initially called safe, but on the replay, the umpires reversed course. I thought the call would stand.  So, instead of runners on second and third with no one out, the Cardinals had a runner on third with one out.

Fear not!  Eric Fryer drew a walk, bringing pinch-hitter Stephen Piscotty to the plate.  Fryer took second base on defensive indifference.  I should mention there were two outs by now, as Greg Garcia lined out earlier.  Piscotty singled, scoring Martinez and Fryer.  That hit brought the score from 7-1 to 7-3.  A grand slam could tie the game.  All we needed were a few more base runners.  Alas, it wasn't in the...Cards today.  [See what I did there?  Everyone loves a good pun.]  Aledmys Diaz, who had previously pinch-hit and stayed in the game as shortstop, popped up on the infield to end the game.

Other good things that happened today include the following:  The Continental got a new puppy - maybe he will grace us with some pictures; I got a few $1 flipflops at Old Navy; and, I decided once and for all that the drink of the summer is not beer; no, folks, the Drink of the Summer is, in fact, the Moscow Mule.

Cheers, VEB.