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Former Cardinals pitcher & current Fox Sports analyst Brad Thompson teams up with Hefty for Flip Cup Challenge

The event will take place this Saturday, June 24, on the Busch II infield, located at Ballpark Village.

Jack Meehan

Since its opening in April of 2014, Ballpark Village has been a premier spot for St. Louis fans - those of baseball, hockey, and football alike - to get together to take in their favorite team’s big game all the while hanging out in a stadium-like atmosphere with good refreshments and even better friends.

The uniqueness of Ballpark Village is why Brad Thompson knew that bringing the Hefty Flip Cup Challenge to downtown St. Louis would be a great way to give back to the fans of the city. A key arm in the Cardinals’ 2006 World Series championship run, Brad understands first-hand the enthusiasm fans bring when it comes to athletic contest.

So Brad partnered with Hefty to bring to St. Louis the Hefty Flip Cup Challenge, a friendly, yet competitive event between several teams featuring several games of flip cup for a variety of prizes.

St. Louis’s Hefty Flip Cup Challenge is this Saturday, June 24, and will be on the Busch II infield, located at Ballpark Village. The event begins at 2:15 PM Central time and will run up until the first pitch of Saturday’s game between the Pirates and Cardinals - 6:15 PM.

Brad was courteous enough to answer some of my questions on the Flip Cup Challenge, and also a few on the baseball front:

Q: How did you become involved with Hefty and the Hefty Flip Cup Challenge?

A: I’ve always loved giving back to the fans that make this city so great, which is why I wanted to get involved with the Hefty Flip Cup Challenge. Hefty is all about celebrations – both big and small – so why not celebrate the art of tailgating with a little friendly competition. It’s not every day you get to tailgate with the people who pack Busch stadium during every home game.

Q: As a former player and now analyst of the team, you know that Cardinals fans are generally a very enthusiastic crowd. What level of enthusiasm are you looking to see in this Saturday’s challenge?

A: I’m expecting to see all types of fans from the die-hard Cardinals lovers to the newly converted Red Bird supporters come out and flip their way to victory. The atmosphere is going to be electric on Saturday and I can’t wait to bring a little friendly competition to the infield.

Q; Are any former or current Cardinals players also involved?

A: No other Cardinals players are involved in the Hefty Flip Cup Challenge – just me!

Q: Working out of the building regularly in the Fox Sports Midwest studio, did you quickly know Ballpark Village was an ideal venue for the event?

A: The second I heard the Hefty Flip Cup Challenge was taking place at Ballpark Village, I knew I had to be a part of it. BPV is the mecca for Cardinals pre-game revelries and I don’t think a more perfect spot in St. Louis exists for this type of party. Busch ll Infield is the place to be this Saturday.

Q; What can fans planning to attend the event expect, as far as hands-on activities go?

A: Cards fans have a whole lot to be excited for this weekend. Aside from selfies and autographs, Cards fans can expect giant inflatable cups, .GIF booths, official flip cup referees, free swag, the change to win an all-expense paid trip to Miami next month and of course as many games of flip cup as they can handle. while they’re partying at the Busch ll Infield. Fans who are interested in joining in on the pre-game party should wrangle up a team of four and head out on down to Ballpark Village, starting at 2:15 PM Central time – just look for the giant inflatable Hefty Party Cup! You can’t miss it. Teams can sign up on-site when they arrive.

Ballpark Village to host Hefty Flip Cup Challenge

Q: On the baseball front, what are some personal takeaways you have of the 2017 Cardinals as we reach the 70-game mark, less than three weeks from the All-Star break?

A: You like roller coasters? Fortunately, I do! This season has been a wild ride. Just when you think you've got the 2017 Cardinals figured out they do something to make you change course. The Cardinals are fortunate that the National League Central has been slow out of the gates this year but it's about time to take advantage of it.

Q: What pitcher and position player have surprised you the most thus far in the season?

A: Although he's come back to earth a little bit recently, I've been very impressed with Mike Leake. First of all, I just have a soft spot for pitchers that don't have 98mph in the tank! Last year was a disappointing one for Cards fans and Leake, this year he's eating up innings and giving you a chance to win every 5th day, I really like what I've seen out of him. As far as hitters go, I have to be honest, I didn't expect this from Tommy Pham. After a rocky spring that sent him to Memphis to start the season it looked like his days here could be numbered. Not so much. Since being called up he's been one of the most consistent and impactful players on Mike Matheny's squad. He plays the game like he's fighting for his baseball life (maybe he is) and it is quite entertaining. It's great to see another Las Vegas guy having success in St. Louis.

Q: Do you see this current Cardinals club as a postseason contender?

A: As they are currently playing? No. I do believe that this team has the talent to be a playoff team. Despite recent struggles, I'm a firm believer that this rotation is good enough for a postseason run. But, the Cardinals, outside of an 18-6 run this year, have failed to put all aspects of the game together. If they pitch, they can't hit. If they score a ton of runs, they give up more. They continue to shoot themselves in the foot defensively and on the bases. They are going to have to figure out a way to be consistent, a feat that's easier said than done.


Remember, the Hefty Flip Cup Challenge is this Saturday, June 24, at the Busch II infield in Ballpark Village. The event starts at 2:15 PM Central time, and everyone is invited to come out and enjoy the excitement.