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Father’s Day Open Thread

A discussion thread of various and sundry topics, on a holiday in the midst of some very poor baseball.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there, everybody. I see you looking at your watch, wondering where your Sunday dose of the Baron is. Okay, yes, I realise nobody actually wears a watch anymore; you’re looking at your phone, or your fitness bracelet, or your smartphone accessory that, I hate to tell you, really does make you look as foolish as you think when you talk into it. I don’t know why it looks cool to talk into your wrist in spy movies and super dumb in real life, but there you have it. Maybe the shoe phone will work out better for us.

Anyhow, you’re clearly sitting there impatiently waiting for me to drop some knowledge — or at least a pithy, poorly-considered facsimile — on you this fine Sunday, but here’s the thing: today is Father’s Day, and I have plans for the day. I was working on a draft wrap post, but goddamned if it just isn’t getting finished. It’s just one of those articles that is taking forever to get through. Draft review stuff pretty much always does, honestly; between going back over the notes I have and researching players I’m not familiar with, it’s just a time-consuming subject to tackle.

So I’m just going to give you this open thread to discuss the depressing state of the team, the depressing state of Adam Wainwright, the depressing state of the world today, or whatever other depressing state you like. Including New Jersey, he said expecting a rim shot and then looking around, confused and disappointed, as he realises his living room is not a comedy club from the mid-1970s.

I will endeavour to get the draft wrap finished up and published sometime this evening or tomorrow. I apologise, but it really is just a ton of work.

So happy Father’s Day, everyone. I’m sure many of your fathers played a big part in your baseball fandom, and if not a father then perhaps a grandfather. That’s how it was with me. I’m still considering writing a ‘why I’m a fan of the Cardinals’ article, to be in with the cool crowd, and I’ll tell the story there if I end up doing it, but suffice to say my grandfather is the person in the world most directly responsible for my love of the game, particularly those early, seminal days of my youth when I was still trying to figure the world out.