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Cardinals news and notes: Martinez, Wong, Brewers

Yesterday at VEB

NLCS: Houston Astros v St. Louis Cardinals - Game 6 Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Cardinals lost their third game in a row last night (here’s the game thread courtesy of Lil Scooter). Before that they had won four games in a row mostly courtesy of a visit from the Phillies. And that followed losing seven in a row to a various assortment of NL Central teams. This is a streaky team, usually of the bad variety. They have already accumulated twelve three-game (or more) winning or losing (mostly losing) streaks, which seems like a lot. And if you compare it to last season when they finished with only 19 such streaks then I guess it is.

They’ve also gone 1-10 in their last 11 games against the NL Central. Not great, guys. Thankfully, VEB is still good and here’s what you might have missed on the site yesterday:

  • Joe Schwarz wrote about Carlos Martinez and whether he’s finally conquered the left-handed batter.
  • I wrote about Kolten Wong’s improvement in 2017.
  • Read about what’s going on at the Cardinals’ lower levels here.

That should do it. I hope everyone enjoys their Friday.