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MLB Draft Day 2, Tuesday Schedule, Picks and Draft Tracker Open Thread

Cardinals making their first picks today

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at St. Louis Cardinals
MLB Draft success story Matt Carpenter
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Draft starts at noon CT today with rounds 3-10. Cardinals should be picking relatively soon as they have the 19th pick in the third round. Our comprehensive list of scouting reports and previews is here. We’ll update the picks here and provide scouting reports as the day goes along.

A lot of seniors so far.

Round 3

Cardinals take outfielder Scott Hurst (JR) from Cal-State Fullerton.

Slot for the pick is $570,900

Here’s a snippet from Red Baron’s reaction:

If Hurst is the guy Cal State Fullerton fans saw this spring, he’s a legit four and a half, maybe even five tool player, and a potential steal.

Full Report Here

Round 4

Cardinals take shortstop Kramer Robertson (SR) out of Louisiana State University

Slot for the pick is $424,800

Here’s a snippet from Red Baron’s reaction:

He’s not big, and there’s very little pop here, but Kramer Robertson will do whatever it takes to get on base.

Full Report Here

Round 5

Cardinals take second baseman Zach Kirtley (JR) out of St. Mary’s.

Slot for the pick is $317,100

Round 6

Cardinals take catcher Zach Jackson out Winter Haven HS (Florida)

Slot for the pick is $243,500

Round 7

Cardinals take outfielder Chase Pinder (SR) from Clemson.

Slot for the pick is $190,700

Round 8

Cardinals take righthander Wilberto Rivera of the Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy.

Slot for the pick is $155,600

Round 9

Cardinals take lefthander Evan Kruczynski (SR) from South Carolina

Slot for the pick is $140,600

Round 10

Cardinals take lefthander Brett Seeburger (SR) from San Diego State

Slot for the pick is $132,800

That’s all the picks for today. Red Baron will wrap up the picks so far and preview tomorrow. Certainly an interesting strategy thus far with all the seniors and a couple high schoolers.