The Tommy Pham Quote That Nobody Is Talking About

While I was working on a FanPost about Yadier Molina, a quote slipped onto my Twitter timeline amidst the flurry of news that broke yesterday. Chris Hrabe of KMOX asked Tommy Pham about his thoughts on the decision to DFA (and almost certainly release) Jhonny Peralta.

Jhonny hurts. Jhonny truly hurts. I was a little hurt by that. Jhonny is truly a pro. He shows up every day and he prepares to play. He's not part of the chess club, the ping pong club, the video game club. He's a true pro. He just shows up and does what he has to do to win a ballgame. I respect that as a teammate and as a professional.

Take this quote for what you will, but Tommy Pham is a guy who historically has said what's on his mind. Late last month there was a pregame interview on Fox Sports Midwest where Pham–a man whose body brings home his Jonathan-Broxton-at-an-all-you-can-eat-buffet-sized paycheck–was asked about what his self-proclaimed "sugar diet of honey buns and ice cream".

Q: You're a guy that eats what you want to eat, right? You don't watch every calorie.

A: I don't care anymore, I eat what I feel like eating.

From that to his What's the Point of the Matt Adams Outfield Experiment? Twitter incident, Pham has displayed his willingness to deviate from the cliches we have grown accustomed to from athletes.

That takes us back to the quote on Peralta. To avoid engaging in rampant speculation, let's stipulate that there are two primary ways to interpret this statement.

  1. Pham was lamenting Peralta's professionalism and discussing how he will miss having Peralta as a teammate.
  2. The three clubs that Pham mentions were a medium to call out other Cardinals players for not taking their roles on the team seriously, probably during the seven-game losing streak.
The quote is most likely a mix of the two, though the latter theory is worth closer inspection. If Pham is indeed criticizing his teammates, he is making a serious indictment against not only them but also Mike Matheny, you know, the leader of men dude.

Matheny survived yesterday's press conference, but his seat most definitely got warmer. His tactical ineptitude has been saved by playoff-caliber rosters in past years, however, that shield of on-field success hasn't been present in 2017. His open favorability towards veterans has come at the expense of players like Kolten Wong, who sounded off on Matheny's lack of communication with him last season. A sputtering team and a dysfunctional clubhouse like Pham and Wong suggest is a recipe for Matheny's downfall. (See Bobby Valentine in 2012, etc.)

I have been on the fire Matheny train for a while now, and I can hear his clock ticking as we speak. If you want to stave off a pink slip, Mike, just remember that this clubhouse is your house.

Get it in order.