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Cardinals news and notes: Stealing, Sierra, and the Braves

Sweeps are, in my opinion, good.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Atlanta Braves Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

So, some stuff happened. It took a little longer than we might have liked, but the St. Louis Cardinals swept the Atlanta Braves and probably won’t lose another game this season. Pretty neat. Here are the posts from Viva El Birdos over the weekend.

  • Ben Markham wrote about how most players on the Cardinals should stop trying to steal bases. And then later in the weekend they called up a guy who steals bases. But somebody who is decent at it, at least, so hopefully he wasn’t too disappointed.
  • VEB’s two greatest prospect wonks wrote about Magneuris Sierra, whose promotion to the MLB club surprised many. The red baron wrote about him here, and Josey Curtis wrote about him here.
  • Defeating the Atlanta Braves was a prevailing theme of the Cardinals’ weekend, as they, um, beat them twice. Saturday’s victory was recapped by mister_manager, while Sunday was handled by VanHicklestein.

The Cardinals will now play the Miami Marlins. Hopefully something fun happens in that series too.