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Cardinals Rout Braves in Offensive Explosion

Aledmys Diaz and Tommy Pham lead the offense, backing up solid effort from Lance Lynn

St Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves
Pham Slam, thank you ma'am.
Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

To-day, the Cardinals play the Braves. After a number of days wondering when Busch III was going to do its best Noah's ark impression and just float away, it's nice to have for-sure baseball once more. Of course, we had to travel to Atlanta to ensure that would be possible, but you do what you have to when it's monsoon season.

Lance Lynn faces off against Mike Folteniciwecxz. We have lost two outfielders to injury, but on the upside, Matt Adams is not playing in left field. Silver linings, people. Tommy Pham has been called up to fill in for Piscotty, who is unfortunately on the DL with a strained something. Excited to see what Tom does tonight.

The game

We kicked the heck out of the Braves. Here is how we scored:

1st: Jose Martinez doubled, then Gyorko doubled him around. 1-0 Cardinals.

3rd: Carp walked, Gyorko singled, Diaz doubled, and Pham homered. Welcome back, Tommy! 5-0 Cardinals.

4th: Wong singled, Carp homered. 7-0 Cardinals.

6th: Carp walked, Molina singled, Diaz singled scoring Carpenter, Grichuk singled and Matt Kemp made an error, scoring Yadi. 9-0 Cardinals.

7th: somehow or another, Martinez doubled, then scored on a Carp walk. I don't really get it. But anyhow, 10-0 Cardinals.

Here is how the Braves scored:


Cardinals win.

Lynn pitched 6, putting up a solid 6 IP, 4 H, 2 BB, 6 K, 0 R line. Our other pitchers were Siegrist, Broxton, and Socolovich. So yeah.

Good job, guys! Pham announced his return from AAA with authority, and Diaz went 4-4 with a walk.

Tune in tomorrow. Sorry for the brevity and lateness tonight.