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Cardinals news and notes: Pitching, Gyorko, Holliday

Matt Holliday hits home run number 300 (plus news and notes)

Milwaukee Brewers v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images

On Wednesday night, Matt Holliday hit the 300th home run of his career, becoming the 142nd member of that club. It would have been nice seeing him hit that milestone while wearing the birds on the bat, especially since he’s still a viable player (he has a .915 OPS so far this season), and this has all been exacerbated by the fact that after last night’s 5-4 injury riddled loss to the Brewers, the Cardinals’ outfield is now a lot thinner.

On the other hand, all 95 of Holliday’s plate appearances this season have come from the designated hitter spot or in a pinch hitting role so if moving to the American League is what he needed to truly thrive and put the finishing touches on a great career then there’s some value in that. I still think Holliday should be a Cardinal, I think the organization made a big mistake by letting one of their more iconic players walk, but it’s still nice to see him doing so well. Keep it up, Holliday.

Here’s what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

  • Joe Schwarz looked at several Cardinals hurlers striking out Brewers.
  • I wrote about Jedd Gyorko’s good start to the season.
  • Carlos Martinez has ditched the braids; millions of people who need better things to worry about rejoice.
  • Read about Magneuirus Sierra, Edmundo Sosa, and plenty of others in the farm report.

That’s all, have a great weekend, everyone.