Find Your Spirit Cardinal: My Very Dumb 2017 Edition Flowchart

Hello again,

Last season I created this flowchart to assist fans in their quest to identify their Spirit Cardinal. The flowchart was met with positive feedback so I am giving it a second try this season. I scrapped a couple of the downright cruel questions at the last second but I still had little mercy when creating this.

Full disclosure, I took this test myself and got Matt Bowman. (On the NCAA Tournament question which landed me Bowman: Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Beware of The Phog, and all the other KUisms that at least 95% of you hate me for–wait, please don't leave the article!)

This is a flowchart of the utmost seriousness and not one recommended for the feint of heart, so advance at your own peril. 2017_Flowchart.0.jpg

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Go Cards!