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Cardinals news and notes: Diaz, Musial, Red Sox

Yesterday at VEB

Boston Red Sox v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Tonight is the last game of this two-game set with the Red Sox. (Here’s the series preview by Craig Edwards.) I have a bet with a Red Sox fan, co-worker-type on this series and since it’s only two games it will be decided by run differential in the event of a split. So after last night’s sloppy 6-3 loss, I need the Cardinals to win tonight by at least four runs so I can consume one free beer (and so the Cardinals can maintain their spot in first place, of course).

This same co-worker traveled from New England to St. Louis for Game 4 of the 2004 World Series even though he didn’t have ticket. He was one of those fans that was allowed in to old Busch when the BoSox’s first series in 86 years was inevitable and he’s appreciated the city and team ever since. This organization has their share of missteps, some rather recently, but that was a swell thing to do.

Here’s what happened yesterday at VEB:

  • Ben Markham is really good at what he does. Here’s his column explaining why Aledmys Diaz’s quality of contact indicates that we might want to get used to his regression from 2016.
  • Yesterday the Cardinals wore throwback uniforms to honor the 1967 World Series team, and here’s another walk back in time: Stan Musial 3,000th hit, which occurred 59 years ago this past Saturday.
  • Here’s the farm report from Memphis all the way to Peoria. Some highlights: Jhonny Peralta is back, and Nick Plummer homered for the Chiefs.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.