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Cardinals news and notes: Cubs, Bader, and the bad tweet

It was a beautiful day and night in St. Louis. Reminisce about it by reading some posts.

MLB: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

We had some good posts today. We have good posts every day, but we really had some good posts today. Here’s what you may have missed, or perhaps what you want to read again.

  • I wrote about how the rivalry between the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs is the best rivalry in baseball, not for the “friendly rivalry” talking points that have been expressed in the past, but rather for the heightened intensity, reminiscent of vintage Yankees and Red Sox battles.
  • Craig Edwards previewed the then-upcoming, now-ongoing Cardinals/Cubs series with the accurately titled “Cardinals next three games are against the Cubs”.
  • As seems to be the case pretty much every time I have a Daily Farm Report to recap for News and Notes, Harrison Bader had a great game on Thursday, as was chronicled by Josey Curtis.
  • Heather Simon, aka lil_scooter93, wrote about her experiences as a woman navigating an often hostile, misogynistic fan landscape which often, inaccurately, portrays baseball fandom as a “male” trait and women as not “really” being fans. She doesn’t do long-form posts super often, but as always, it’s a treat to read them when she does.

Cardinals play the Cubs again today and what looks like it should be a picturesque day for baseball. Should be a delight. Check back on VEB for posts concerning the weekend’s action.