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Cards Do Just Enough in Second Game of Doubleheader, Make it Back to .500

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Early runs hold up despite rough 5th inning

MLB: Game One-Toronto Blue Jays at St. Louis Cardinals
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Well, after the first game of this doubleheader, things seem a little anticlimactic here, but lets get this rolling!



/whispers ‘lineup construction is essentially inconsequential’ three times to ward off evil humors

Things started off with a bang in the 1st - the Cardinals quickly put up three with a sequence of singles, doubles, bobbled balls, and sac flies. Dexter Fowler hits a leadoff single, advances to third with some nice baserunning on a Greg Garcia single. A Stephen Piscotty sacrifice fly and a Matt Adams double would tally up two more runs.

Wainwright worked, if not efficiently, at least somewhat effectively over the first few. While his pitching wasn’t vintage Waino, he made a couple nice defensive plays, worked his way out of a couple jams, and got to pad his lead a bit with a single of his own.

The Cardinals would add a run each in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th on a Dexter Fowler home run, another Matt Adams RBI, and a run-scoring force out by Piscotty, putting the Cardinals comfortably up 6-0.

Unfortunately, the brief time in which we were allowed to forget that Adam Wainwright isn’t a rapidly aging simulacrum of his former glory came to an abrupt end in the 5th inning. Wainwright hangs some pitches, Kevin Pillar singles, Kendrys Morales hits a home run, 4 runs score. The Blue Jays are suddenly very much back in this.

In the bottom of the 5th, Adam Wainwright comes out to bat. Let’s be honest here, the guy bats well enough for a pitcher, but he’s got a .543 career OPS, so he’s not exactly Pujolsian out there. He’s not coming back out for the 6th, is he?

He is.

Luckily, the ploy works out and the Blue Jays go 1-2-3. He’d also return in the 7th, although he was pulled after allowing a single and getting an out. Gotta get your guy the W. Brett Cecil comes out in relief and dispatches the next two Jays.

In the eighth inning, Matheny reaches into his bullpen and pulls the Kevin Siegrist wild card. Luckily, Siegrist works a clean inning and manages to ward off a “respiratory infection” for another day.

The Blue Jays manage to work around leadoff singles by Fowler and Garcia in the bottom of the eighth, leaving two runners stranded.

Trevor Rosenthal came in to close things out with a 2 run lead in the ninth. He goes 99-98-99 for an absolutely torrid strikeout to kick things off, followed by 4 pitch strikeout, and then shuts the Jays down with by inducing a grounder to third on his changeup. 12 pitches, 11 strikes, maxing out at 100 mph. His line tonight is basically just that puff of smoke you’d see after the Road Runner ran by.

That’s...pretty good, dude.

Cardinals manage to go from being one out from losing the series to taking both halves of the doubleheader and clawing their way back to .500. Cards take on the Reds tomorrow night at Busch Stadium.