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Cards News and Notes: Bullpen, Ankiel, Trout vs. Musial, umpires, SWEEEEP!

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Yesterday’s VEB

Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images

Here’s everything you missed yesterday at VEB:

How Big a Problem is the Cardinals’ Bullpen? The Red Baron investigates the pens’ issues so far this season.

Rick Ankiel: The can’t miss kid: Ben Godar tells a classic chapter of Cardinals’ history, concerning the rise, fall, and rise of Rick Ankiel.

Drawing a historic parallel: Is Mike Trout better than Stan Musial? A comparison of superstars from vastly different eras.

should umpires have microphones? Your daily Hunt and Peck, centered on whether the changing rules of baseball mean giving the umps the ability to express their calls better.

Pirates v Cardinals Game Thread, April 19, 2017: check out VEB’s reactions as they happened in the Game Thread.

Tommy Pham Looks Pretty Good: Your daily farm report.

Cardinals sweep Pirates! Now this is more like it! The game recap.