What is up with this sh*t

I'm sorry, but, 3 wins so far is not really how i envisioned a beginning to a Cardinals baseball season.

I still have some faith in this team, and that it could very well be a streaky offense off to a less than acceptable start.

But I'm weirded out by things like Matt Adams starting in left field, contradictory statements about defense, and plenty of other things about this season so far and how things are managed.

Weird times. Strange even. I have always wondered about the seeming dismissal of tactics and logic. But I digress. He is certainly not the worst manager.

The real reason I am writing is to give drunken, day drinking into night impressions of the Cardinals players, screw Mike Matheny, he is not what this is about. It's about playing baseball.

  • Aledmys Diaz - in my mind, the most important cornerstone of the Cardinals franchise for years to come. or even if just a couple years, that would rock. I think this guy is really going to be quite good.
  • Jose Martinez - I like him more than Matt Adams because well, he's a better version of Matt Adams, maybe. Hard to tell. But having both of them is redundant.
  • Stephen Piscotty - this dude has been beaten like a red headed stepchild since he received that contract extension. but I think he is a real competitor and another cornerstone of the team. He may not light the world on fire, but he will be there for you when it counts, maybe.
  • Jedd Gyorko - start him over jhon peralta ASAP at 3rd base
  • Dexter Fowler - I've come around to liking him as CF for now. But I really like how he gets on base, as advertised.
  • Randal Grichuk - streaky hitter, kinda hard to tell right now what's up. laser beams still shoot off the bat when he plays though, one way or the other.
  • Matt Adams - should be the back up first baseman. I don't care if he lost weight, what's the difference. Can run faster at least. still won't be able to hit lefties, still not super great vs righties. perplexing.
  • Greg Garcia - the best eye on the team. one of a kind. not a world beater but perhaps the best type of bench player one could ask for.
  • Matt Carpenter - one of the best players in MLB, but not a perennial all star. one of the best eyes in the game to go along with Dexter Fowler, Greg Garcia, and perhaps Aledmys Diaz.
  • Yadier Molina - if there was sticky stuff involved, why wasn't his chest protector or the ball covered in filth? give me a break, cubs fans! you just won the world series, quit acting like losers!!
  • Carlos Martinez - the Carlos who pitched the season opener is a superhero hall of fame carlos. the Carlos who has pitched since then is vintage iffy control Carlos. Who is Carlos Martinez?
  • Adam Wainwright - i trust him still in high leverage situations. the question is, should I?
  • Mike Leake - Leake is acting like the ignored guy trying to steal the attention in turbulent times, and really, who could blame him?
  • Lance Lynn - I don't know who this new Lance Lynn is, but he isn't THAT much different than the old Lance Lynn, if at all.
  • Michael Wacha - Adam Wainwright lite, young version
  • Seung Hwan Oh - won't be as good as last year, but does it matter if he is closer or not?
  • Kevin Siegrist - the velocity is gone. is there anything left?
  • Jonathan Broxton - seems better than what I was expecting, and with other ?s in the bullpen, maybe not so bad. maybe?
  • Brett Cecil - i have no idea WTF is this dude. get it together, man.
  • Trevor Rosenthal - perhaps reclaiming the closer role this year? Is there still a chance for him starting? Is he really any good? Many questions surround Trevor Rosenthal. high potential, but the bigger they are the harder they fall.
  • Matt Bowman - I honestly thought he was a fluke and would disappear. Now I think he is a weird time warp dimensional hopper that just so happens to be good at baseball. relief pitching in particular. for some reason his haircut makes me think of quantum leap and him having a shutdown performance in an important, dramatic baseball game.
  • Miguel Socolovich - see also, Matt Bowman
So those are my cursory, drunken impressions of our bad news Cards, so far. Next time, I'll include real stats!