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Cardinals news and notes: Rosenthal, Martinez, Lyons

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Another chance to read October 1964 (plus news and notes)

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2012 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Cardinals start a series with the Yankees today in the Bronx. It will be a reunion with Matt Holliday and another good excuse for you to read October 1964 (currently only 12$ in paperback!) chronicling the World Series between these two clubs. I have read my fair share of baseball books and this sits on a pedestal above the others. Stories of Gibby, Lou, Bill White, Mantle, Maris, Curt Flood, McCarver, and plenty more. It’s simply wonderful. (Speaking of, get well soon, Lou.)

Lil Scooter tried to get everyone to read it last year with a book club and I think I’m the only one who took her up on it. In fact, I don’t think she even read it. Maybe she can give us an update in the comments.

Here’s what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

That should do it. Have a great weekend, everyone.