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The All-Time Cardinals Bracket crowns a champion

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I mean, who did you expect?

President Obama Honors Medal Of Freedom Recipients Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Stan Musial is, by most objective measures, the greatest player in St. Louis Cardinals history. He was an All-Star in twenty different seasons during his career, spent only with the Cardinals, from 1941 through 1963. He was a three-time World Series champion, a three-time MVP, and a member of MLB’s All-Century Team, having been placed there by a special committee after he finished 11th in fan voting for outfielders. In 2011, Musial won the Presidential Medal of Freedom because he was a man of such distinction that nothing short of federal honors would suffice in recognizing him.

Stan Musial defeated Bob Gibson in the final round of The All-Time Cardinals Bracket, and while Gibson had rolled relatively easily to the final, Musial won easily, receiving 80.4% of the total votes.

It speaks volumes of Musial’s legacy that he performed so well in this tournament. His ubiquity among Cardinals fans extends well beyond those who saw him play—most VEB readers were not alive for Musial’s final game on September 29, 1963, and yet he has been a constant in our lives for as long as we can remember.

And a tip of the cap to Bob Gibson, who probably didn’t vote in this poll, but who probably would have voted for Musial anyway.

In case you weren’t following along, here is how the previous rounds turned out.

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