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Cardinals news and notes: Ray Lankford, Seung Hwan Oh, Jose Martinez, Prospects

Yesterday’s VEB.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals-Workouts Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a quick look back at Monday’s stories:

Ray Lankford isn’t a candidate for the Cardinals Hall of Fame and that’s a disgrace -- Alex Crisafulli voiced his disagreement with the shocking fact that Ray Lankford is not on the Cardinals Hall of Fame ballot.

Why is Seung Hwan Oh so difficult to hit? — In an insightful read, Joe Schwarz examined Cardinals closer Seung Hwan Oh to find what makes him so deceiving to opposing batters.

Jose Martinez among Cardinals impressing in camp — I took a brief look at Jose Martinez, who is having an excellent spring camp thus far.

The Cardinals are going to win the World Series (kinda) - A Hunt and Peck — Lil_scooter’s link post says the Cardinals are (kind of) going to win the World Series. Link posts do not lie.

The aggregate Cardinals top prospect list — Ben Markham wrote at length about Cardinals prospects, compiling several lists from around the web to morph them all as one.

That does it for Monday. Check back Tuesday for more!