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Cardinals news and notes: Luis Robert and drafting

Also, the game yesterday was wild, so I wrote a little about that.

New York Mets v St. Louis Cardinals
Chris Farley voice Remember that time Ty Wigginton got the winning run against the Mets?
Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Yesterday, the St. Louis Cardinals beat the New York Mets 14-11, which is a lot to a (slightly less) lot. 25 total runs were scored. So I decided to dig through the Baseball Reference archives to find out the last time 25 total runs were scored in a regular season Cardinals game.

Well, by my measuring, it was on June 14, 2007. I had not yet started college, the #1 song in the country was the Rihanna featuring Jay-Z song “Umbrella” and unfortunately for the Cardinals (I’m so sorry), it was not raining more than ever in Kansas City, where the Cardinals lost to the Royals by the score of 17-8. Zack Greinke got the win and Kip Wells got the loss. Adam Kennedy was the leadoff hitter and So Taguchi batted second, because Tony LaRussa was less sabermetrically-inclined than you remember. Here’s the box score.

Anyway, in actual modern baseball stuff, there’s this.

  • Ben Markham suggested that the Cardinals should invest heavily in international free agent Luis Robert. One clearly crazy scout claimed that Robert was “the best player on the planet”, but regardless of potential hyperbole, he certainly does seem like an exciting, intriguing prospect.
  • The red baron wrote about recent Cardinals drafts, and while we have extremely different definitions of the word “brief”, his post is an interesting analysis of modern Cardinals history.

Hang around today for more verbose content than this.